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PTFE Sleeves Manufacturers
PTFE Insulated Cables & Sleeves
PTFE Sleeves
PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a thermoplastic having outstanding dielectric properties and other such inherent physical and chemical properties, which establishes this insulating material as one of the best amongst available ones. PTFE (generally known and identified as Teflon, which is a registered trademark of DuPont) is a thermally most stable fluorocarbon, which besides having excellent electrical insulation properties, has almost absolute resistance to all commonly used industrial chemicals, and is unaffected by sunlight, moisture, fungus, Mould growth.


  • Suitable for use from (-) 65C to (+) 200C for silver plated & (-) 65C to (+) 260C for nickel plated wires and for very wide frequency and temperature range (DC to 10000 MHZ).

  • Inert to all chemicals even at elevated temperatures & fire proof.

  • Smaller in size, more flexible, lighter in weight and higher reliability.

  • Lowest dielectric constant (2.1), dissipation factor (below .0003).

  • Excellent flex life and totally unaffected by out door exposure to unlimited period.

  • Non contaminating, non toxic and bio compatible with good mechanical strength.

  • We are a best PTFE Sleeves Manufacturers in India.

  • Resistance to fair corona, cold flow and cut through, to ultra radiation, to fungus and     mould      growth.

  • Tefkot Cable is Leading PTFE Sleeves Manufacturers any type of wire and cable having PTFE insulation. Conductors used is electrolytic grade pure copper either bare or with Silver/Nickel Plating, in single (solid) or in strain free true concentric, 7, 19 or 37 strand or bunched construction as per customer requirement. The insulation is of tape wrapped & sintered P.T.F.E.

    Due to the unique tape wrap insulation process used in making PTFE wire, PTFE sleeves remarkable perfect concentricity is obtained which normally is not possible in extruded wire. These wires contains better stripping, better flexibility, better tear resistant and dielectric strength than extruded wires due to tape wrap technique process. The wire insulated with P.T.F.E confirms to MIL-W 16878 or JSS-51034 or as per customer's specifications.

    Furnace and oven wiring, High performance motors, transformers and rectifiers, Thermocouple and compensating cables, Air-field lighting equipment, Equipment for Aircraft, Radar, Research Equipment for Aerospace, Navy & Meteorology Electromechanical applications, Satellites, PTFE Sleeves, Process Control, Telephone Exchange Satellite Launching, Ground Control, Reactors and Control Equipment for Atomic Energy, Computers, Flight simulators, Electronic Test Equipment, Communication Equipment, Infra-red sensing equipment, High temperature lighting fittings, Neuro-surgical/Electro-medical, X-Ray machine, Patient Monitoring equipment, Refrigeration equipment, Load cells and pressure transducers, Electro-mechanical applications, Satellites.

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